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Universal City Studios Credit Union
Red Carpet Rewards

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The Project

UCSCU has one of the best Platinum Visa credit card rates in the history of our clientele, so it was very logical for our client to create a Rewards Program to make this particular card one of the best all-around values and make their member's card even better. As a full-service financial institution that has been serving the entertainment community since 1927, UCSCU has deep ties with their membership. They wanted a logo that would reflect their roots and make the rewards program a fun and exciting new benefit for their members. 

The Solution

Our designers created several versions of the logo utilizing traditional Hollywood-style iconogaphy. The final logo features a red carpet-style flourish that pays homage to "tinseltown," classic Hollywood glamor and festive movie premieres. The resulting effort was an extremely well-received enhancement of their current brand which gives the credit union a chance to "roll out the red carpet" for their members with this beneficial program.


The Logo

 UCS Red Carpet Reward final

Social Media


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We incorporate the logo on all pieces, be it electronic or digital. The use of the QR code on printed pieces provides members with immediate access to applications and information.

We received a 10% return on
QR code scans with this direct mail piece.


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Our email marketing receives a
45% open rate on average.


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