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The Project

Ontario-Montclair Schools Employees FCU (OMSEFCU) is based in Ontario, CA. It was organized in 1961 by a small group of employees of the Ontario School District (which became the Ontario-Montclair School District a few years later). Their goal was to provide a place that understood the financial needs of the school employees and could meet those needs.

After working closely with the credit union's executive management, AGP's dev team worked to create a streamlined, intuitive website architecture that makes it easy for OMSEFCU's members to explore the site and move through the user journey.

OMSEFCU Website Graphics Resized for Platforms

The Design

As an educational credit union, education is paramount. It informed almost every step of the process—from making sure each product page was complete in terms of rates, terms and descriptions to the advertising graphics being an comprehensive as possible. When it comes to school district employees and their family, time is a luxury and OMSEFCU wants to make sure their members are communicated to efficiently the first time around.

In the design we made sure the composition was "clean" and orderly to facilitate proper messaging. The color palette is bright but does not pull focus from transporting a site visitor from Point A to Point B in a stylish manner.

The Tech

AGP uses the award-winning open-source Joomla to power a number of its websites. The Joomla content management system (CMS) allows for highly customized, but flexible page layouts that can be further tailored to effectively represent the uniqueness of each credit union website. With a user-friendly dashboard, a combination of premium plugins and built-in widgets, it's easy for site admins to make regular and routine updates.

To it's credit (and the benefit of its members), OMSEFCU also has an extensive selection of online forms housed on their site. From loan applications to membership applications to account operations forms, these forms open the doors to their members to perform time-saving activities (some of which don't even require logging in to online banking). This suite of apps has been a real game changer for the credit union!

The Experience

With a new navigation, mobile first responsive design, easy access to rates and mobile responsive forms and applications, this new site has been winning fans since its launch. With the redesign came the forward positioning of beneficial third-party services such as mortgage loans and auto buying services. The embedded ATM Finder is also a huge time-saver for members as well.

With a functional, intuitive, engaging, ADA conformant and responsive user experience, OMSEFCU's new website unquestionably supports its mission of providing for the financial needs and services of their membership while protecting shareholder equity and maintaining member trust.

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