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Cal State L.A. Federal Credit Union

The Project

Cal State L.A. FCU (CSLAFCU) is based in Los Angeles, CA. It was founded in 1961 when they applied for and received their charter from the NCUA as Los Angeles State College Federal Credit Union..

After working closely with the credit union's executive management, AGP's dev team worked to create a streamlined, intuitive website architecture that makes it easy for CSLAFCU's members to explore the site and move through the user journey.

CSLAFCU Website Graphics Resized for Platforms

The Design

CSLAFCU has a long history with Cal State L.A. and, as an educational credit union, has a large and specialized field of membership to serve. They have several different custom account and loan types for faculty and students and we've spent some quality time "massaging" the menu structure to make sure everything is laid out carefully. As an educational credit union, awareness is critical. We have not backed off from traditional advertising, but there's a very careful interweaving of financial literacy and consumer awareness to balance out the special offers.

In the design we made sure the composition was "clean" but also compact and orderly to ensure the messaging is never lost. The thoughtfully executed inside page template is able to be re-purposed as a landing page, intended to drive conversions from marketing campaigns and social media.

The Tech

AGP uses the award-winning open-source Joomla to power a number of its websites. The Joomla content management system (CMS) allows for highly customized, but flexible page layouts that can be further tailored to effectively represent the uniqueness of each credit union website. With a user-friendly dashboard, a combination of premium plugins and built-in widgets, it's easy for site admins to make regular and routine updates.

For the benefit of its member prospects, CSLAFCU is also using an online membership application to drive new membership growth. They have other interactive forms on their site, but we have partnered with them to make sure their new members' first impression of the credit union is efficient and fun. This new approach has been a real game changer for the credit union!

The Experience

With a new navigation, mobile first design, easy access to rates and special offers, this new site has been winning fans since its launch. The embedded ATM Finder and sitewide search are huge time-savers for members as well. Most importantly, the new site is fully responsive to provide an ideal experience across various screens and devices.

With a functional, intuitive, engaging, ADA conformant and responsive user experience, CSLAFCU's new website unquestionably supports its mission of providing personal economic growth for the betterment of the community.

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